Extract the Digital Diagnostics from the positioning of the people in your company on LinkedIn.

Perhaps your brand's LinkedIn is not taking off. Or maybe you don't know how to encourage the people who are part of your company to get more involved in this social media platform.

At be shared, we offer an exclusive method:
First, we analyze your company’s LinkedIn profile and the people who work there. Then we determine the areas for improvement in a personalized and detailed way. During this phase, we identify who will be the best spokespersons and brand ambassadors for your organization.

We also integrate more profiles into your organization's LinkedIn communication strategy. All this is achieved through intensive training, ranging from segmented face-to-face classes to a Social Media Guide, developed for the people in the company.

This is how, together, we extract the Digital Awareness Diagnostics to define the positioning of your organization on social media and to find out more about the communication and digital skills of the people in your company.

Experience tells us that this Digital Awareness Diagnostics will not only improve your activity on LinkedIn and other online channels but it will also enhance your company's internal and external communication, generating new business opportunities.


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