Manusa Open to: a brand’s commitment to all its audiences

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Manusa, a company created more than 50 years ago, is a leader in the creation, design and development of all types of intelligent access and automatic doors. The company has its own offices in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and China, and is present in more than 90 countries.

A demanding context

We live in an ever-changing world, and companies are obliged to adapt to change.

One of the great pillars of evolution in this century is undoubtedly communication. Human beings communicate differently than we did just 20 years ago, and companies have to adapt to these new times. And that's what we do at be shared: we help companies communicate their commitment to different audiences in a human way.

Communicate its commitment to different audiences, under the Open to the Future strategy, a brand open to the future, and committed to People; the Environment (Nature); Society (Society); and finally, Innovation (Innovation).

Since we started working with Manusa, a leading multinational company in the field of automatic doors and intelligent accesses with presence in more than 90 countries, we have helped them to take care of their online reputation. But, in this case, we wanted to go a step further and redefine the brand positioning through a communication plan based on the spirit of the organization and adapted to the commitment and its corporate culture..... This is how 'Manusa Open To' was born.

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The method

In permanent communication with Manusa's marketing team, based on the brand's values and innovative, socially responsible and sustainable personality, we defined a communication aimed at specific audiences that revolved around four fundamental axes: people, innovation, sustainability and society.

Manusa Open to People

Following the brand's slogan 'Open to the Future', we developed the names of each axis together with the Manusa team. We created the 'Manusa Open to People' axis, in collaboration with the HR department, to talk about the people in the organization, the values that unite them and the actions that the company carries out internally aimed at them: activities related to wellness and health, family reconciliation, training plans...

In addition, to give it an identity of its own, we used the color yellow in all graphic content and created the hashtag #OpenToPeople to generate greater positioning.


Open to Innovation

Manusa, as a leading company in its sector, is always obliged to be at the forefront in the development of automatic doors and intelligent accesses. This innovative and creative spirit of the company had to be channeled at a communicative level. And that is how the 'Manusa Open to Innovation' axis came about.

Through this concept, we talk about digital transformation, innovation, work process development, new products, etc. We decided to use the color purple, and we always position content with the hashtag #OpenToInnovation.


Open to Nature

Sustainability is one of the major concerns of our century. And, for everyone's sake, we hope it will continue to be so. The 'Manusa Open To Nature' axis was created to communicate all the actions that the company develops in terms of sustainability: actions carried out with employees, product innovations, circular economy policies, sustainable projects...

As it could not be otherwise, we assigned the color green to this communication pillar and associated the hashtag #OpenToNature.


Open to Society

The fourth and last axis corresponds to 'Manusa Open To Society'. This block brings together all the organization's communications in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and the benefits that its activity brings to society: collaborations with social and/or cultural entities, improvement of people's living conditions through its products, activities related to equality, inclusion, cooperation between communities...

Red is their color, and their associated hashtag is #OpenToSociety. Thanks to this communication axis, we project Manusa's image to the outside world as an organization whose activity goes beyond the purely commercial to focus on people and society.



As a result of the application of these tactical actions, communication is aligned with the company's values and in tune with issues that are increasingly important to people and society. In addition, we have begun to project the commitment of the Manusa brand to all its audiences, and we have a company that is perceived from the outside as an organization that not only cares about commercial returns, but also cares about its environment, generating greater trust among its consolidated customers and attracting potential customers.

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Organizations that do not include human, sensitive and responsible communication in their strategies risk being at a disadvantage vis-à-vis their competitors. Customers today value more than ever the commitment of companies to people, society and the planet.