Projecting the corporate culture of an international company

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Through the HR department, we were commissioned to develop an Employer Branding strategy to project the corporate culture, strengthen the link between the corporate brand and employees, and attract talent to Ingram Micro Iberia.

Employer Branding Strategy

In this document we set out the plan to strengthen Ingram Micro as an employer brand, creating a content plan for the coming months, with the aim of generating constant communication from the HR department with its different internal and external audiences.


Talent Web

Through this digital platform we project Ingram Micro's corporate culture and its DNA, the testimonials of brand ambassadors, as well as job offers and internships, with the aim of attracting talent to the company and positioning the brand as a benchmark in Employer Branding both nationally and in Europe.



Several trainings were conducted with the board of directors, middle management, and professionals from marketing, sales, communication, HR, finance, on Employer Branding, Personal Branding and LinkedIn.


Brand Ambassadors

Various actions were generated with different employees in order to increase the degree of loyalty to the company. Afterwards, their testimonies were projected through different digital platforms.


#IngramSummerLife campaign.

One of the highlights was the implementation of a digital campaign to encourage employee participation. It consisted of sharing images that conveyed Ingram's values from their vacation spots.


After the implementation of the employer branding strategy, Ingram Micro Iberia positioned itself within the company as a benchmark in attracting and retaining talent worldwide. For this reason, the company's delegations in other countries requested the translation of the website and the contents of the strategy to be implemented in other countries.