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How to improve your company’s digital reputation

New communication technology has increased the intangible value of companies, who now have to strategically manage their digital reputation. At be shared we help organizations improve their reputation through human communication

The digital reputation is a key asset for organizations, and we are seeing more and more companies including its management as one of their strategic pillars.

We are in the age of communication, where access to information is more democratic than ever and “appearance” is almost more important than “being”. Today, the value of companies is measured more by what they don’t have than by what they do have.

The evolution of public opinion

For centuries, individuals formed an opinion of public and social affairs through word-of-mouth, sharing jokes in the town square or marketplace in a fairly horizontal exchange of information.

In the modern era, the advent of mass media and its unidirectional nature upset this balance and public opinion became strongly linked to published opinion: the influence of a minority shaped (and still does to a large extent), the opinion of the majority. This is the context in which companies as we know them were born.

Now, in the 21st century, the rise of the Internet and the development of new communication channels have created a space for exchanging information similar to that of ancient times, which each of us can access at the click of a button: we have returned to the town square with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Social media platforms have created a horizontal communication framework in which everyone can express their opinion and which we use to form our own opinion of society. This is a new paradigm that companies must adapt to if they want to maintain or increase their business.

The weight of intangibles is becoming more and more noticeable

This new communication ecosystem is linked to a gradual increase in the intangible values of companies. According to a study by Brand Finance and Corporate Excellence, it is estimated that 50% of an organization’s total value lies in its intangible assets (in some sectors this can be as high as 80%). This data gives us an idea of how important it is today for organizations to take care of their reputation, which accounts for at least half of their assets.

Those of us who work in the world of communications know that building the reputation of a person or organization is like building a house of cards: it takes a lot of time and effort to raise it, but a simple gust of wind can topple it in a matter of seconds and, sometimes, it can be impossible to build it again.

This means that companies would be wise to invest resources in communication strategies to improve and maintain the reputation of their brand.

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Improving your company’s reputation through communication

Today, not being on the Internet means you do not exist, so the option of not communicating in order not to put your reputation at risk is absolutely out of the question. If we do not communicate, others will do it for us, and we will not be able to control what the narrative about our brand is.

There are several strategies aimed at increasing the reputation of organizations on digital channels, such as multichannel communication strategies, branded content, inbound marketing, etc. These actions and many others contribute to projecting and preserving the image and reputation of companies on the internet, but there is one that stands out above all others for its authenticity and high effectiveness: human communication.

Human communication, key to increasing corporate reputation

Human communication, using the #HumanCommCulture method developed by be shared, is the result of the application of various communication actions that involve company teams and aim to strengthen ties with their stakeholders and improve corporate reputation, generating, on many occasions, new business opportunities.

In a context in which new technologies and digitalization are becoming more and more important, at be shared we believe in the power of doing things in a human way, and we are therefore committed to corporate communication that gives collaborators a voice in organizations. Because only through a strategy that encompasses the company’s people can we articulate a coherent narrative that projects messages in an authentic way and that are received by the public with a high level of effectiveness.

In order to involve team members in the communication strategy, be shared has defined the following actions:

  • Social Media Guidelines:
    This digital tool aimed at all members of the organization provides the knowledge and means necessary to make responsible use of social media and look after the company’s name and image in the digital environment.
  • Training in Digital Communication and Social Media:
    Through training, we provide team members with the necessary knowledge to project the organization’s brand on digital platforms and increase their level of motivation and sense of belonging.
  • Brand Ambassadors Program:
    Through the brand ambassador program, we give the team members a voice, aligning their communication objectives with those of the company and making the brand visible in an authentic way.
  • Digital Spokespersons Program:
    Thanks to the digital spokespersons program, the organization’s executives and managers develop a digital positioning linked to that of the brand and amplify the organization’s messages by acting as authorized voices.

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The ongoing development of communication technologies and the latest trends are posing an exciting and challenging 2023 for the industry.

At be shared we help companies’ communication departments to communicate in a human way and to look after their reputation in the digital environment, applying strategies that improve the perception of the brand both internally and externally. If you want to enhance your organization’s reputation, contact us at hola@beshared.es and we will help you define the strategy that best suits your needs. If you want to enhance your organization’s reputation, contact us at hola@beshared.es and we will help you define the strategy that best suits your needs.

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