be shared creates the personal brand of the Magi on LinkedIn

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Send your letter to Melchior of Persia, Gaspar of India and Balthazar of Arabia on LinkedIn. I'm sure the Three Wise Men will take care of you as you deserve.

Last Christmas, the creative team of be shared came up with an original greeting that pleasantly surprised the digital community: the creation of the personal brand of each of the three kings and its projection through the LinkedIn social network. An innovative and original proposal unparalleled on the platform and associated with the moment we were living: Christmas.

The objective was to congratulate all those people who trust us every day in an emotional and attractive way. In addition, we wanted to project how the personal brand of a profile works and how it should be projected through the professional social network LinkedIn. In the same way, we intended to contribute to the dissemination of values such as tolerance, teamwork, shared enthusiasm, active listening and cultural transmission over time.

The entire be shared team was fully involved in both the creative process and its execution. We started by looking for three names for the Magi: Melchior from Persia, Gaspar from India and Balthazar from Arabia; then we created the visual identity of each Magi and, at the same time, we developed the storytelling of each of them, defining their trajectory and their involvement with society. In addition, we created the Magi's company, Dreams Factory, and gave each of them a position in the company, linking it to the LinkedIn social network.

On the other hand, when creating Dreams Factory, we also ventured into designing the company's logo, its visual identity and its history, mission, brand purpose and values. But if that wasn't enough, we also created the university where the Magi had been educated, the University of Eastern Star, defined the university's description for the LinkedIn page and developed the university's visual identity. A whole compendium of actions that gave volume and meaning to the project. A magical wrapping for a unique illusion.

Dreams Factory
We bring peace and hope to homes around the world. We make people discover their own star. See company page

University of Eastern Star
The University of Eastern Star is recognized as the first humanistic university in the world.

However, we do not stop there. From December 15 when we launched the campaign until January 10, each of the Magi profiles were active on LinkedIn congratulating the holidays with personalized messages to different professional contacts on the network. And we created daily activity, from the days leading up to a few days after Epiphany, on each of the LinkedIn profiles, as well as from the Dreams Factory and the University of Eastern Star company pages.

On the website we created for the occasion, you can see the campaign and the profiles of the Magi, the company and the university.

In addition, we all added a new creative position linked to Dreams Factory to our LinkedIn profile.

Beto Anda, Chief Happiness Officer
Jordi Santamaría, Storyteller of Special Illusions
Javier López, Gift Campaign Director
Alberto Chinchilla, Creator of Dreams and Emotions
Belén Sanz, Head of Magic Experiences
Flor Schoor, Manager of peace and joys
Alba Huerga, Director of Solidarity and Diversity
Pablo H. Breijo, Coordinator of Royal Pages
Paola Mendiburu, Head of Family Day Strategy
Marcos de la Fuente, Manager of Eastern Star
Alejandro Ferrer, Director of Charity and Goodwill

This action allowed us to congratulate in an original way all the organizations with which be shared has a regular relationship, a proposal that was very well appreciated.

And finally, we created a press release(download press release) talking about the campaign and sending it to various be shared related media.

The proposal was received with sympathy and recognition by the be shared digital community. We received hundreds of messages via LinkedIn, email and whatsapp congratulating us for the originality and creativity of the campaign. In turn, some of the contacts acted as ambassadors of the proposal, transmitting information about the campaign or initiating conversations with the Three Wise Men of the East.


Our website increased its visits during December by 700%.

logo linkedin

Our website increased its visits during December by 700%.


Between the three LinkedIn profiles, more than 1,500 new contacts were added in less than a month.